An appreciation of women in stockings

There is nothing better than the art of a woman.
Stockings put the arse on a pedestal and suspenders provide the frame that all great art is put in.

This is intended of those 18+


I can see you stroking yourself freely now, clearly enjoying my excitement. I beg you to come over to me. You release one of my hands so I can stroke you. You’re so hard, so firm, so hot. I hold you in my hand and start to move up and down feeling you stiffen. I want you in my mouth. I start to lick you, running my tongue up and down your shaft. You crawl on top of my chest, thrusting forward, pushing into me. I let you slide in, deep, loving the feel of you, the taste of you.

I see you turn back and whisper something to him, but I’m so focused on making you cum that I didn’t catch what you said. I feel him spread my legs apart, and rest his throbbing cock against my slit. I can feel the tip begin to penetrate me, and I start moaning again, thrusting forward. He grabs my hips and thrusts into me, hard, as deep as it will go. You see me tear up, but that only makes you thrust harder.

You’re both thrusting into me now, together, enjoying my pleasure, pain, and helplessness. I scratch at your chest with my free hand leaving bloody welts, but you’re loving it. By now I’ve given into what’s happening and wrap my legs around his waist thrusting hard against him as I deep throat you.

I can feel you both start to tense up as I start to orgasm as the waves of pleasure wash over me. All at once uncontrollable spasms of ecstasy fill your body as you hear him cumming in me, deep inside me, while I’m moaning against your cock. Then you release, shooting deep into my throat as I take it all down.

After we’re all spent, he gets up and starts dressing. You collapse next to me and kiss me gently, removing the other handcuff.

Then you decide it’s time to introduce us…

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